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When you find inner peace, you move the world towards peace.

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Retreat Finder serves the body, mind and spirit by helping individuals locate space in which to find greater inner peace. For when one individual finds inner peace, that individual moves the world toward peace. This is why it is vital to escape from the world's bombardment of sounds and images and take time for the mind and heart to come to stillness.

Business Philosophy

Launched in 2002, Retreat Finder is offered as a service to those who seek retreat for spiritual or healing purposes. The site and all the work that goes into it are offered in the spirit of seva, selfless service. It is my hope that retreatants will find the site helpful in their search for a retreat that meets their exact needs, and that retreat centers and retreat leaders will find the site helpful in connecting with those who seek to retreat. In this day and age it is hard to believe that a business would offer anything for free but there are many types of listings on this site that are indeed free, completely free without a catch. It is my hope that the retreat centers and programs listed on the site will find the site helpful and will upgrade their listings, thus contributing to supporting the site. If not, I am still happy to offer the free listings as a gentle way of supporting your mission and all the work that you do.


Alec Franklor, Founder
Alec has practiced yoga and meditation daily since 1992 and has been going on personal retreats since 1994. She is a "seeker", was raised Episcopalian and has studied Buddhism, Taoism, and Vedanta. Alec has spent her life blending her unquenchable sense of spirit with her pragmatic sense of the bottom line. She began working with database programming, graphic design and web sites in the mid 90s and has a range of experience in marketing, customer service, and sales. In addition, she wrote a syndicated book review column for holistic health and spirituality magazines for several years and was highly quoted by publishers marketing their books on sites like Amazon. Alec received an MBA in Business Administration, with an emphasis on Non-Profit administration, and an MA in Arts Administration from the University of Cincinnati. Her professional work focuses on connecting information to the people who need it, and raising funds for non-profit organizations. In her spare time Alec expresses her passion for a fully engaged life through her photography and travels.


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Travel Revue
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