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Retreat Finder features the most detailed listings and the most comprehensive search capability of the web sites listing spiritual and healing retreats. These detailed listings and search functions work on your behalf to insure that the guests referred to you through your listing on Retreat Finder are seeking the exact services you offer.

The goal of Retreat Finder is not to push traffic to your website, but rather to refer well qualified leads.

Retreat Finder ranks often at the top of Google, receives high traffic, and strong Testimonials.

Three Ways to Advertise:

Directory Listings:

Retreat Listings  

- Advertise your spiritual or healing retreats

- Directory listings for:
- Personal Retreats
- Group Retreat Events
- Centers for Rent
- Retreat Property for Sale
- Job and Volunteer Opportunities

- Upgraded listings receive the highest traffic on the site

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Display Ads:

Display Ads  

- Static Ads reserved on a monthly basis

- Three placements to choose from

- Advertise any product or service of interest to spiritual and healing retreatants and the retreat community

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E- Newsletter Articles

Newsletter Advertising  

- Articles in our monthly e- newsetter

- Advertise any product or service of interest to spiritual and healing retreatants and the retreat community

- Articles include text and one image

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Site Traffic:

Retreat Finder often ranks in the top 5 on Google for keywords such as "retreat" or "retreat center" (see the Testimonials for more details). The site receives over 65,000 listing views per month and over 47,000 visits per month (as of August 2017), and traffic continues to increase. Traffic for each listing is recorded on a monthly basis and is accessible in the advertiser log-in area via the "Stats" buttons.


Orders will be invoiced via email for payment. We accept CHECKS, credit cards Acceptance Mark Payment does NOT need to be received in order for your listing to display on Retreat Finder, but must be received within 30 days of invoicing. Check payments must be from a US bank in USD. Credit card payments may be received in limited currencies - please email for details.

For more information:

If you have questions, or would like further information about listing your retreat, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you.

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high search engine ranking
Retreat Finder frequently appears at the top
of the search engines.
Google #1 keyword "retreats" (2/2011)
Google #1 keyword "retreat" (2/2011)


strong publicity


The Guardian May 25 2015
The Guardian
featured Retreat Finder in
"Summer in America: for peace, quiet and meditation, retreats are the way forward"
on May 25, 2015


Travel Revue
Travel Revue
featured Retreat Finder in
" 7 Reasons You Should Go On A Retreat, What To Expect And Where To Go"
in April 2015


O Magazine Feb 2012
Oprah's O Magazine
featured Retreat Finder in
"You, from A to Z"
in Feb 2012 (p.124)


CRG Logo
Congretional Resource Guide
featured Retreat Finder in
Beyond Vacation: Going on Retreat
in 2011.


AARP Magazine (the world's largest circulation magazine) featured Retreat Finder in its article
"Surfing for Serenity" in October 2005.