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June 2018
How is a Retreat Like Rock Music?
by Kimberly Sogge

What I know is that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Tonight my teacher was Pink Floyd.

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Innkeepers of the Open Door

Kirkridge Retreat
Kirkridge is a place
to be, and to become a people of hope, compassion, justice, and service.
Since 1942, Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center has provided a place for rest and renewal to pilgrims along life's journey. Our retreats, our hospitality, our gorgeous vistas, and our sacred grounds have blessed, and continue to bless, countless lives.
We are located on a ridge of the beautiful Kittatinny Ridge of Northeast Pennsylvania, overlooking the Delaware Valley. You can say that the Kirkridge community is, too, now standing on our own precipice, as we look back on our over 75 years of service. For the past 75 years, we have served a thriving Christian and interfaith community. Looking ahead, we plan on serving an even wider community of people of good faith, no faith, and interfaith - and providing safe harbor to all.

As we work to embrace a wider community, our spirit of excellent hospitality is more important than ever. Our historic motto of "picket and pray" has now extended itself "to protect, tend, and embrace." From the peak of the ridge to the clear waters in the valley below, the new century calls for stewardship, nurturing, and embracing inner stability with outer sustainability.
We offer a wide variety of programs in every season of the year. Our programs specialize in the areas of: spiritual and personal growth, theology, writing and the arts, healing and wholeness, and on topics important to living justly in today's world.
Here are some of our upcoming programs for Fall 2018:
- September 7-9: Reflection & Celebration: A Retreat for Gay Men 
- September 12-14: Living Divided No More: Retiring the God Presumption
- September 21-23: Thriving in Plain View: Sisterly Conversations
- September 24-26: Finding What You Didn't Lose: A Circle of Trust® for Women at Mid-Life Who Seek to Let Their Lives Speak with Integrity and Intention
- October 12-14: Principalities in the Life and Theology of William Stringfellow
- October 24-26: Reclaiming our Wholeness: A Circle of Trust® Retreat
- October 26 - October 28: Awakening the Spirit: Celtic Wisdom for Today
- November 2 - November 4: Keepers of the Sacred Fire
- November 2 - November 4: Male Journeys: Reclaiming our True Selves: A Man's Courage and Renewal® Retreat

Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center, Bangor, PA

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Horses Heal Your Soul
The Spirit of the Horses as Healers

Horse Retreat
Horses are natural healers. They are intuitive, honest and magical. A horse doesn't know how to lie, they only know the truth. If a person isn't acting consistent with their true feelings, a horse knows and will indicate with a stamp of a foot, shake of the head or walk away from the person. On another note, when someone is in need of what the horse can provide, the horse knows and will present himself to that person. The horse will actually take on the negative thoughts and emotions of that person and expel them before they take themselves out to pasture again. We can't expect a horse to act just because we ask them to, they have to be ready to provide the healing and present themselves.

When I put someone on the back of a horse and we enter nature, the answers to their issues just spring forth naturally. Most people already know the answers, the horses add magic to help you bring the answers out. Don't continue to suffer with indecision and insecurity. Make the right decision and feel confident you are moving in the direction you are supposed to be going in. Combine the natural ability of the horse and the skill of a good coach and your life can be changed. I've seen people walk away from a horseback retreat with clear answers, decisions to issues and a much more positive and excited view of life. I invite you to give it a try!

Visit Soul Discovery on Horseback

Time to Change Your Life?
Start with a Personal Retreat

Counseling Retreat
If you've made a resolution to change your life for the better, put it into action. A personal counseling retreat will help you break free of negative patterns to create the life you so deeply desire. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to work intensively, one-on-one with expert personal counselor and coach David Stringham. With over 25 years experience guiding people to a better life, David will help you find the clarity and resolve you seek.
Together, you and David customize the location, the accommodations, the duration and the format of your retreat. David has conducted private retreats for individuals, couples and families in wide variety of settings that are conducive to deep, inner work. Your personal retreat can last from 1/2-day to multiple days.
David will guide you to a better life... every step of the way.

Samacitta Retreats in Italy
Bespoke Curated Retreats in Italy

Retreat for a blissful practice week to Puglia, Italy - all yoga levels -  Europe's top dedicated yoga retreat venue in the Itria Valley near Ostuni w/ advanced teacher Monica Marini - Yoga Morphic UK - June 23-30 - 6 days' teaching in which you embrace change through yoga. For last minute you can book up to 3 days before start date. September 8-15 is a bodywork retreat in simply stunning countryside of undulating Umbria near Spoleto for Esalen® certified and registered bodywork/massage practitioners to come together to practice with each other.  Open to all Esalen ® people.   August 3-10, 2019 at one of the world's best dedicated venues not far from Rome in Rieti with vast outdoor yoga deck and inside shala.  We curate bespoke retreats at a venue of your choice for private groups.  Please enquire if you would like to bring your group to Italy.

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How to Price Your Retreat
Grow Retreat Business Skills

Retreat Coaches
When you are in the planning stages of offering a retreat, many leaders find it hard to know what to charge. You may find yourself stuck in the old mindset that you can't be profitable when leading a retreat. If you are running a business then you need to be profitable in order to create sustainability. You deserve to be paid for your professional skills and for the time you spend not only leading the retreat but also in preparation. The Retreat Leader training helps retreat leaders learn how to price a retreat including options on whether to charge for the whole retreat package or just the retreat fee. At the Colorado Retreat Leader Training you will learn how to row your retreat business with concrete information on pricing. You will learn how to charge for your services and attract clients who value your offerings. 

Navigating the Storm
A Special Event with Martha Beck

Martha Beck Retreat
So often in our life, we are beset by storms of one type or another. These storms can be family crises, health challenges or struggles at work. How can we navigate these storms with grace and ease?
One aspect is to become aware of the storm itself. Rather than ignoring the storm or wishing it away, we meet it with clear eyes, aware of its presence. Secondly, we find a way to get in touch with that place of equanimity and stillness within, a place that cannot be moved by the wind, the rain or the thunder. 
Martha Beck presents a beautiful practice, guiding listeners through this experience of navigating the storms - click image above to see the video.
In September, Martha Beck will be leading an in-person retreat, personally sharing advice and techniques to navigate life's storms, all in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina at the Art of Living Retreat Center.

Recently Added Listings

  Retreat Events

June 13-19 - Mt. Shasta, CA
Spiritual Retreat for Couples and Individuals

July 20- 29 - Austin, TX
Living Yoga Program - 100-hour Teacher Training

July 24-26 - Bangor, PA
Keeping Faith in Hard Times

July 27- July 29 - Concord, CA
Women Liberated

August 4 - Springwater, NY
Saturday All Day Sitting

August 10-12 - Bangor, PA
Leaping Upon the Mountain

August 11-18 - Springwater, NY
7-Day Retreat with Bob Dattola

August 12-16 - Canada: Cochrane, AB
Healthy Living Retreat

August 17-19 - Reva, VA
2.5-Day Exploration of Spirit Retreat

August 19-31 - Springwater, NY
Quiet Weeks

August 31- Sept 2 - Ellenville, NY
Catskills Relax and Refresh Retreat - Heal from the core

September 7-9 - France: Rayol
Activate Your Power to Prosper

September 7-10 - Idyllwild, CA
Silent Self-Realization Women's Retreat

September 9-18 - Germany: Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen: A Reformer for her Time, A Visionary for Today

September 20-23 - Lake Lure, NC
Spiritual Mountain Retreat! My Visit To Heaven

More Event listings are added daily
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Personal Retreats Accommodation

Gaia Wellness Retreat
- Canada: La Peche, QC

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

Gaia Wellness Retreat
- Canada: La Peche, QC

Venue For Yoga Retreats
- Spain: Tarifa

The Villa Texas
- Mineola, TX

Retreat Property for Sale

Bukit Asri Lodge Yoga resort
- East Bali Indonesia

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Dharma Work Study
-Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing- Pine Bush, NY

Kitchen Opportunities
-Land of Medicine Buddha- Soquel, CA

Soul Discovery on Horseback
Ireland in September

Ireland on Horseback
Horses are natural healers. When I put someone on the back of a horse and we enter nature, the answers to their issues just spring forth naturally. In these retreats you will enjoy a combination of visiting the ancient Irish castles and monastic ruins with lovely guided horseback trail rides through Irish bogs, fields and local farmland.
Sept 1-10 for experienced riders

Weightloss in Paradise
7 Day Transformational Retreats

Ecuador Cleanse Retreats
Do you want to lose weight easily? A fasting, cleansing retreat guarantees to reshape your body, mind and soul while spending a week in the lush surroundings of Ecuador. This easy week-long event brings people together for fun, rejuvenation and significant body image transformation. And we guarantee weight loss if you want it. Join us in the Valley of Longevity in July.

July 22-27 Oceanside Retreat
Yoga and Meditation Made Easy

July 22-27 Oceanside Retreat
Join Yoga retreat leader, Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, PhD, for an uplifting Oceanside, CA, retreat with lodging, meals, morning and evening Yoga/Meditation program, and afternoons free to follow your heart. Visit nearby Moonlight Beach, Sea World, and Self-Realization Meditation Gardens. Enjoy July's full moon devoted to honoring our teachers. Six days of exploring inner and outer magnificence! $100 discount-only $895 for registrations by June 22nd.  

Taichi Alchemy with Rick Barrett
Yang Cheng Fu 13 Original Postures

Taichi Alchemy-R. Barrett
July 20-22, 2018: This incredibly powerful form that can be learned in a weekend and includes: Accessing jin (internal power) and using it in each movement of a form, 3 Pillars - how to access a whole-body energetic connection, even under duress. Rick Barrett has been teaching Chinese internal martial arts and practicing energy healing for over 25 years. His primary teachers: William C.C. Chen & Yang Fukui. 

Visit Eastover

Mt Shasta Retreats
Rest - Renew - Enhance

Couples Retreats
Immerse yourself in one of the world's most sacred sites, where the root and crown chakra of the Earth converge. Mt. Shasta is home to the high vibrational energies of Ancient Lemuria - a highly transformative gateway to Spirit offering greater expansion, purpose and love.  We are holding weekend and week long retreats for Couples, Individuals and Children offering advanced healing and life-transformative experiences to bring you into wholeness with your Spirit. Experience the best of what Mt. Shasta has to offer: Inspirational talks, Meditations, Sound Healings and Spiritual Activations at sacred sites from some the most tapped in facilitators on the path of Love & Wholeness.  

Visit Love Rising

One Page Marketing Plans
Simple. Efficient. Effective.

Jason Stein Marketing
Marketing as a Retreat Leader can easily become overwhelming and ineffective. You became a healer to help people, and you love what you do. But, you'd like more people to attend your live and/or online events, because you know what you're offering is solid. With 25 years of experience and having helped hundreds of healers around the world Jason Stein, L.Ac. can help.

Samara Healing & Personal Days
Personal Retreats 

Taneytown, MD
We can work with you to create a personalized healing retreat.  Practitioners at the center provide: acupuncture, Chinese dietary therapy and medicine, wellness counseling, meditation, therapeutic bodywork, sound healing, and energy therapy. 

More Details

Earth Inspired Retreats
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Australia: Quorrobolong, NSW
In a quiet rural setting in its own bushland setting is our centre- Phillip House. ideal for ,healing or silent retreats, or simply a place for time out. We facilitate retreats as well as having individual self contained apartments available for nightly hire. Groups up to 35 are welcome.

More Details

Creative Explorations Women's Rtrt
Personal Retreats 

Yellow Springs, OH
Explore your life's purpose and nurture your soul with a spiritual retreat. Stimulate your creativity with a retreat focused on self-expression. Massage, yoga and spa services available.

More Details

Shire in the Woods
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

McGrath, MN
A place where people can spend time quieting the mind and opening heart and spirit. Enjoy wooded solitude and hiking on the groomed trails or meditate while walking the Labyrinth or in the Octagon. Groups up to 50 are welcome.

More Details

Tarkira Tree Rainforest Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Australia: Tarra Valley, VIC
Each day have a privately facilitated session of meditation, a healing session of reiki, and a long (2 hour) transformational session to work on any issue that you would like help with.

More Details

CC's Hideaway
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Thailand: Phuket, PH
Our Yoga Holidays are designed for wellness and recreation for those looking to enjoy themselves while also taking care of themselves. They are ideal for those who need a change of scenery or a break from a stress-filled situation. Also group space available for up to 84.

More Details

Siena Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Racine, WI
Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Siena Retreat Center offers a variety of individualized and group retreat opportunities. Walk the labyrinths, make use of the the art/creativity room, participate in daily prayer in the chapel, walk along the lake. Also groups up to 90.

More Details

AmaTierra Retreat & Wellness
Personal Retreats 

Costa Rica: San Pablo de Turrubares
Imagine.. leaving your stress behind and immersing yourself in nature at a holistic eco-retreat where you can truly rejuvenate your spirit. Imagine... practicing yoga in Costa Rica in a magnificent open-air pavilion overlooking the Costa Rican mountains while exotic birds fly overhead.

More Details

Theosphere: Russian River Retreats
Personal Retreats

Cazadero, CA
A restorative & transformative sacred place of awe & wonder for people of all religious & spiritual backgrounds, experiences; non-denominational, or of no particular faith community.

More Details

Sedona Mago Retreat
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Sedona, AZ
A Center for Spiritual Awakening - At Sedona Mago Retreat you will experience the elements of energy, healing and meditation. That is because these are the core elements that form the foundation of all programs and activities that we provide. Also space for groups up to 500.

More Details

Genesis Spiritual Life & Conference
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Westfield, MA
Experience the peace and tranquility of our acres of wooded walks, natural landscapes and peaceful blooming gardens, along with our comfortable lodging and delicious home-cooked meals. Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center offers hospitality to persons of all faiths, cultures and lifestyles. Also for groups up to 50.

More Details

Alton Bay Christian Conference Ctr
Center for Rent

Alton Bay, NH
Passing Christian Faith To The Next Generation - Our property and facilities make a great destination for church retreats and conferences.

More Details

Camp Lantern Creek
Center for Rent

Montgomery, TX
Located on 100 serene acres in the Texas Piney Woods, Camp Lantern Creek offers a perfect combination of rustic scenery, high and low ropes team-building programs, and quality accommodations. Our air-conditioned cabins with indoor bathrooms provide comfortable camp-style lodging for up to 200.

More Details

Angels Rest Retreat Center
Center for Rent

Leyden, MA
Angels Rest Retreat offers a beautiful and intimate environment ideal for spiritual and corporate retreats, personal growth workshops and family gatherings for groups up to 115.

More Details

Ardendales Retreat Center
Center for Rent

Brooksville, FL
A great retreat center for hosting small groups. With all comforts and amenities, it can sleep up to 12. Lovely deck, screened rooms and a half acre of quiet woods.

More Details

A Seven Circles Retreat Center
Center for Rent

Sequoia & Kings Canyon Park, CA
Seven Circles is the perfect location for gatherings and fellowship of up to 36 - 46 guest. With a full professionally maintained kitchen, lodge, private pool for 20+, round house for large group meetings, workshops, yoga, and more... 

More Details

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