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October 2018
A Unique, Holy & Quiet Spot
in the Big Apple of NYC

Leo House New York City Retreat
With the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest cities in the world, The Leo House is, indeed, a unique spot.
It's safe, quiet and centralized location plus it's special religious atmosphere make it an ideal retreat space. The Leo
House is located in three brownstone buildings in the Chelsea section of New York City. The Leo House is the only
Catholic guesthouse in America and is named after Pope Leo XIII. The official name is "The Leo House for German
Catholic Emigrants" and was founded in 1889. 
We have been in our current location at 332 West 23rd Street since 1926 as the inscription reads in the brick just outside
front entrance.  We have been in this location for the past 92 years and we continue to follow our mission of Christian hospitality.
We welcome all religions of the world and we put a premium on "The Art of the Welcome."
The Leo House has 81 rooms and a back garden patio area for meditation and relaxation for people who need some private space.
We also have an in-house chapel, large dining room, commons area, boardroom which opens into a parlor room, and a business center.
The key differentiation factor that makes the Leo House experience very special is the following. We are the only place where guests can go to bed at night, attend morning Mass, in our in-house chapel and celebrated by our in-house chaplain, and in the afternoon, say the chaplet and Most Holy Rosary, all under the same roof.
We hope that everyone can experience the calm and spiritual atmosphere of The Leo House.
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Cancer 'called' ...
HEALtours was the answer

HEAL tours
A HEALtour is an Incredible 5 Day Spiritual Retreat/Guided Tour of Sedona, AZ. *Morning Workshop, Lunch, & Afternoon Tour each day are ALL INCLUDED.

Hello my friends, this is Donna Ballenger, your HEALtours Guide. Do you crave deeper PURPOSE & MEANING in your life? Ache, for PROFOUND CHANGE? Know you are destined to SERVE in a greater capacity, but are unsure how?

I understand...

When I was diagnosed with cancer at 41, I wasn't afraid to die; I was afraid that I'd never truly lived... never made the difference I wanted to make. Back then, I thought I had to DO something BIG, but now I understand that healing ourselves and changing the world is about BEING LOVE in small, grace-filled ways.

If you're ready to live your true life purpose, experiencing the life of your dreams in 2019, please join me on your HEALtour soon. We will Awaken your Soul in the morning, Heal your Life in the afternoon, and create your Legacy of LOVE now!

HEALtours 5 Day Itinerary (Mon. - Fri.):
9:30-11:30am - Transformative Morning Workshop at the gorgeous Creative Life Center
12:00 - 1:30pm - Delicious Lunch at Sedona's Incredible Restaurants
2:00 - 5:00pm - Amazing Guided Tour to Sedona's most healing destinations, supporting the day's workshop theme

You plan your vacation, and I'll plan your transformation! Book your lodging and meals (other than lunch), and I'll take care of the rest!

S.M.I.L.E., you're 5 days away from living your true life purpose, right now!  

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Want Joy? Try this Retreat
Oct 25-28 2018 Castle Rock, CO

Anxiety to Joy Retreat
"What worked on this retreat? Everything!"

"This retreat exceeded all expectations. The teachers' mastery helped me learn about meditation and myself."

"Exquisite! What genuine, loving human beings! Their deep and broad knowledge of meditation practices from across multiple spiritual domains provides a supportive space that encourages me to find comfort in choosing my own path."

"I definitely felt a shift - grounded and present"
Want unreasonable Joy...meaning Joy for No Reason?

You are invited to a warm, transformative, community retreat, which includes delicious gourmet vegetarian meals, a comfortable, safe and breathtaking setting, and practical tools to reduce anxiety and increase joy.
Includes: A variety of meditation techniques; Gentle yoga; Powerful emotional workshop sessions; Qigong (moving meditation); Technology transformation measurement (pre and post retreat); Delicious healthy vegetarian food; 1-on-1 coaching

Leaders: Zen Priest Kensho (Len Silverston), Yogacharya, Shakti (Michelle Anne).
Expect: Peace, Shift in Consciousness, 1-on-1 Coaching, Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, Scientific Pre/Post Measurements

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December 1-8 - Tulum, Mexico
Yoga and Hoop Core Retreat

December 28- Jan 1 - Springwater, NY
4-Day New Year Retreat w/Wayne Coger

February 28 - March 3 - Ocean Isle, NC
Mavensoul JOY Retreat

February 28 - March 7 - Captain Cook, HI
The Embodied Journey

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Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

Grace Center
- Bozeman, MT

Retreat Property for Sale

Hidden Creek Lodge and Retreat Estate AUCTION
- Tallapoosa, GA

Yoga & Meditation Retreat
December 7-9 in Central Texas

Living Yoga Program
Join Charles MacInerney at the beautiful Margaret Austin Retreat Center between Austin & Houston for an immersion into the philosophy and practice of yoga & meditation. All levels are welcome! This retreat is a combination of hatha yoga classes, meditation and workshops on a variety of topics including Raja Yoga and the Eightfold Path; the Seven Chakras; Pranayama & the Science of Breath; Visualization; Creativity; Mind-Mapping; and more.

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Inspired Feminine Power
With Alexia Rees and Jing Li

Alexia Rees and Jing Li
Based on HuaJiaQuan, an ancient martial art for women featuring dance movements, Mulan Quan (11/2-4) is powerful, feminine, and beautiful to watch; with sequences that develop gracefulness, poise & strength. Alexia shares 24-postures and a short Fan-form. Later in November, we "Open the Heart with ShengZhen Qigong and Stillness"~Jing helps free the Heart from smallness, to invite and sustain the vast power of healing love.

Visit Eastover

Healing Heart Living Yoga
Sanctuary for Soul Recovery

Retreat in Sedona
Come for a silent retreat or seasonal sabbatical at Awakening Spirit. Live affordably at Healing Heart Retreat forest refuge near Sedona Arizona. Discover a mystical 'silent yoga' healing, and a blissful freedom to be at ease.  Share recovery from loss, abuse, spiritual heartbreak and soul trauma. Dance into joyous freedom, loving who you really are.  Feel new ways to live with website videos. 

Visit Healing Heart Retreat

Monastery of the Risen Christ
Personal Retreats 

San Luis Obispo, CA
We offer hospitality to those who wished to experience monastic life here. Most of our Monastic Life Experience accommodations are for one person, meals are taken in one's room and an atmosphere of gentle but profound silence pervades the Monastery grounds.

More Details

Colorado Spirit Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Black Forest , CO
An Affordable Personal Silent Retreat. Secluded Mountain Retreat Cabins near a quiet pond & soothing waterfall, fully equipped - ideal for couples or solo retreat. Short walk to forest trails.

More Details

Self Realization Meditation Healing
Personal Retreats

Bath, MI
Everyone of all faiths, meditation practices and traditions is welcome. Guided Retreats are scheduled throughout the year (see a full list and much more about the Centre building and grounds on our website), and personal retreats and accommodation are available most any time. 

More Details

Absolute Sanctuary Koh Samui
Personal Retreats 

Thailand: Koh Samui, ST
Thailand's Premier Detox & Yoga Resort - A Moroccan inspired boutique wellness resort.Blending comfortable accommodation with a wide range of detoxification programs, inspiring yoga retreats, spa-based healing therapies and a spa cuisine restaurant 

More Details

Windridge Solitude
Personal Retreats 

Lonedell, MO
Our singular emphasis is solitude. We focus all our energies on making it possible for you to enter the solitude quickly and completely. We prepare the cottage for you in every way to welcome you. 

More Details

Precious Blood Renewal Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Liberty, MO
Located in a pastoral setting we welcome those who seek rest and renewal. We offer houses of hospitality as a safe and sacred place for individuals and groups up to 40 for day-long meetings, overnight stays or sabbaticals.

More Details

Christ in the Wilderness Hermitage
Personal Retreats 

Stockton, IL
Our guests value nature, wildlife, and star-filled skies-all so evident here-but the special quality of Christ in the Wilderness is that it is a spirit center where people of all backgrounds feel at home. In this environment, everyone's journey in life is reverenced as sacred and unique.

More Details

Benedictine Peace Center
Personal Retreats 

Yankton, SD
A peaceful place to rest a while and renew your relationship with God. We welcome men and women of all faiths. During your stay you may: Meet with a trained spiritual director who can listen and guide your retreat; Join the monastic community of Sacred Heart Monastery for prayer and meals or cherish your solitude.

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Sacred Grove Retreat
Center for Rent

Gold Hill, NC
Sacred Grove is ideal for small, intimate events of all kinds: yoga, meditation, tai chi, energy medicine, personal growth, men's or women's retreats, or silent retreats. We have a dance arbor that is used several times a year for International Ceremonial Medicine Dances. 

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