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January 2019
Your Resolution is Doomed
The 5 Reasons 92% of us will fail

Sorry to break it to you, but New Year's resolutions don't work. In fact, 92% of them fail. If you don't believe us, think back to any of your last resolutions. Did you want to eat healthier, read more, or get more sleep? How long did you make it?... Not long, I know-us too...
Einstein once said, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." By Einstein's standards, we should all put on a straight-jacket before making this year's resolutions. It's time we break the cycle.
First, we must study our enemy. Why do our resolutions fail? What is so fundamentally flawed with setting goals on January 1st? Only once we have these answers can we give ourselves a fighting chance of success. Learn the top 5 reasons your resolutions are destined to fail and how you can change your approach to dramatically improve your goal setting this year.

Women's Adventure in Ecuador
Take That Leap -  Feb 12-16

Womens Retreat Ecuador
Have you ever heard the saying, "Leap and the net will appear?" While this paints a pretty picture, it's unfortunately not true.

In 2015, I took a leap and uprooted my entire life, catapulting myself straight into a nomadic life as a solo female traveler. In adapting to my new reality, I wandered the world, wondering more than once when my proverbial "net" would appear. Many months later, I realized no one and no thing was going to catch me. I had taken control of my life when I made the decision to take my leap, and likewise, it was my own responsibility to catch myself.

The truth is that when we make changes or "take leaps" in our lives, it's up to us to support ourselves with our own nets. If we know how to catch ourselves, we can take any leap we're faced with, no matter how big or small.

Together in Ecuador, we'll explore what it looks like for each of us to create our "nets" and prepare for any leap, whether it be a change of career, relationship, personal goals, living situation, family situation, or otherwise. Group discussion and workshop topics include various writing practices, manifesting, gratitude, self-care, and more.

As we dig inwardly, we will also challenge ourselves outwardly. Each day, in between group discussions and home-cooked hacienda meals, we'll participate in outdoor adventure activities including horseback riding, hiking, a ropes course, easy mountain biking, and a cooking class.

We're going to the highlands of Ecuador because I want to offer you a well-designed opportunity to show you the edge of your comfort zone. International travel expedites the personal development journey, and you'll be in a safe, guided environment the entire time. I want to help you see that you can take a courageous leap and catch yourself too, even if it starts with traveling to Ecuador.

Price $1,995 per person for double occupancy (shared room). Single occupancy available with surcharge. Women only. All meals, lodging, and activities are included for 5 days/4 nights, including group transportation to and from Quito on first and last days. We're staying at a family-owned and operated highland hacienda with cozy fireplaces, communal dining room, spa on site, and Wi-Fi in common areas. 

Five Day Scientific Fasting
Reclaim Clarity & Rebuild Immune System

Fasting Retreat
Can you get dramatic health benefits from a modest adjustment in how you eat? A clinically-proven regimen that mimics fasting with a low-calorie, low-protein and low-fat diet for 5 days every 4 months says yes. Over 20 years of research at USC has shown this simple, 3-times-a-year, regimen to be superior to ongoing calorie restriction, 1 or 2 day intermittent fasting, or extended fasts. Besides reduced waist size, the 5 day fasting diet activates longevity genes and regenerative cells, reduces inflammation, and improves a variety of bio-markers for both healthy individuals and those challenged by illness.  The 5 day regimen is not austere. The meals are savory and satisfying. For the rest of the month, you can eat as usual. However, we strongly suggest a 6 month plant-based diet in addition to a fasting regimen, as meat protein is acidic and fish is unavoidably polluted. 

Program starts January 6, 13, 20 and 27.

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  Retreat Events

January 18-21 - Springwater, NY
Three day weekend Retreat with Susan Schepp

February 2-9 - Costa Rica
Thriving Mind - Preventing and Reversing Cognitive Decline

March 4-11 - Costa Rica: Tamarindo Beach
Left Brain, Right Brain, Less Pain, More Gain with Feldenkrais

March 9-16 - Sedona, AZ
HEALtours with Donna Ballenger

March 23-30 - Sedona, AZ
HEALtours with Donna Ballenger

April 7-13 - Nicaragua: San Juan Del Sur
Energy Workshop and Yoga Retreat in Nicaragua

May 5-12 - Italy: Lucca
Western Spirit Enrichment Center Spiritual Retreat

May 27- June 9 - Australia: Byron Bay, NSW
Retreat in Australia, Self-Growth, Aboriginal Culture and Spirituality, Nature

June 26-July 6 - Greece: Lesbos
Writers Residency Greece Summer 2019

July 10-14 - Mt. Shasta, CA
Mt. Shasta Spiritual Expansion

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Personal Retreats Accommodation

Retreat Bela Natureza
- Brazil: Arembepe Camacari, BA

Ring Lake Ranch
- Dubois, WY

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

Retreat Bela Natureza
- Brazil: Arembepe Camacari, BA

Sano Bay Resort
- Mexico: Maneadero, BCN

Retreat Property for Sale

Home and eco-retreat centre for sale in Spain
- Spain: Cabac�s

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Associate Director
-Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center- Bangor, PA

Mountain Light Sanctuary
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Asheville, NC
Hidden deep in a secluded mountain cove in the Pisgah National Forest, 35 minutes north of Asheville, Mountain Light Sanctuary is a mini Shangri-La nestled in the world of nature. Bordered by two cascading creeks and ringed by the highest mountains in the eastern USA, It's energy and ambiance are purely magical.

More Details

A One Fasting Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Santa Ysabel, CA
This is a 4 acre Ranch nestled in forest and meadows near beautiful Julian, Ca. offering fasting of either juice/smoothies, master cleanse or purified water. This fasting retreat is designed to educate and detox to obtain optimum health. 

More Details

Dot Cottage
Personal Retreats 

Filer, ID
Rest close to the earth. Listen to the sounds of the living creatures around you. Take time to watch the birds. Linger in the rose garden. Wake to the sunrise. Enjoy the sunset. Prepare a meal with vegetables you harvested yourself and savor the seasonal flavors, fresh from the farm. 

More Details

Crestone Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Crestone, CO
Crestone Retreat Center offers solo and group retreats throughout the year. Beginners as well as experienced practitioners may join the daily life at the monastery year-round and participate in Zen practice programs. Also groups up to 100 are welcome to use our space.

More Details

ARC Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Stanchfield, MN
ARC offers a quiet and reflective atmosphere for individuals and groups to slow down the pace of life, restore balance, and deepen relationships with self, others and the Divine/ God/ Spirit/ Universal Energy. Our intentional community of volunteers is here to nourish you with quiet contemplation, vegetarian meals and valued conversations.  Groups up to 35 are also welcome.

More Details

Personal Retreats 

Costa Rica: Nosara
The Ecological/Spiritual community is a platform for a profound voyage into healing, self-acceptance and expansion of consciousness. There is no belief system or dogma practiced or followed, rather, a safe space is created for each fellow traveler to shed old layers, transcend limitations and discover wholeness.

More Details

Two Angels Healing Retreats
Personal Retreats 

New York & New Jersey
Individualized, private retreats designed and facilitated with love by a School Psychologist, and a Holistic Nurse Healer and Intuitive Coach. Choose from several, customized healing retreats; including Personal Healing Retreats, Couples/Partners Retreats, Sibling Retreats and Mother/Daughter Retreats. 

More Details

Shalom Spirituality Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Dubuque, IA
Shalom Spirituality Center is a sacred space in a peaceful environment. We offer a wide array of individualized and/or group retreat/program opportunities that integrate spirituality in mind, body and heart for persons of all ages, cultures and religious affiliations. 
Also offering space for groups up to 150.

More Details

Waking Dreams Retreat
Personal Retreats

Asheville, NC
If you are sensitive to the energy vortex that surrounds Asheville, North Carolina, you can feel it simply by venturing onto the half-acre property. Those who arrive as seekers depart as finders. Laurie is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and nondual teacher.

More Details

The HeartGate
Personal Retreats 

Hood River, OR
The HeartGate is a magnificent 10,000 sq. ft. residential study center just above the beautiful Columbia River town of Hood River, Oregon. You come to work with a gifted, awakened teacher, more than just a private time to yourself.  Even a brief stay is a dive into non-dual, universal Love where consciousness flows as Unity awareness. 

More Details

Serenity Retreat for Healing and Spiritual Renewal
Personal Retreats 

Bellville, TX
If you are ready to get rid of depression, anxiety, anger or addiction(s) you can find true freedom through the power of Jesus Christ at Serenity Retreat. By setting aside 24 hours for a Personal Healing Retreat, your painful issues can be greatly improved.

More Details

Franciscan Retreats
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Prior Lake, MN
A spiritual oasis for people of all faiths. The friars and staff provide a quiet, reflective environment for personal prayer and reflection as well as programs of spiritual renewal within a One-Day, Midweek (Tuesday-Thursday) and Weekend format. Also space for groups up to 65.

More Details

Friendly Crossways Retreat Center
Center for Rent

Harvard, MA
Situated in central Massachusetts -but only 30 miles west of Boston-this former New England farm has been a special place for retreats, seminars, conferences, tented weddings and workshops since 1947.  For groups up to 80.

More Details

Bend of Ivy Lodge
Center for Rent

Asheville, NC
A beautiful eco-friendly retreat, education and event center. A magical nature haven, BOI offers a peaceful and inspiring place for retreats as well as workshops, weddings, commitment ceremonies for up to 50.

More Details

Good Commons Retreat Home
Center for Rent

Plymouth, VT
Good Commons specializes in customizing getaways for yoga instructors, corporate retreat leaders, meditation instructors, reunions and weddings. This large historic solar powered beauty sleeps up to 19 people.

More Details

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