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December 2019
Men, We're Here For You
Why Women Should Lead Men's Work

Mens Transformative Retreat
"In this age of the #metoo movement and a bourgeoning collective understanding of the deeply problematic nature of a patriarchal society, women now, more than ever, need to start leading men. 
In the corporate world, yes, but also, in their inner worlds.
My company, The Shift retreats, has started hosting women-led transformational retreats for men, and here's why.
Qualities typically attributed to the feminine (an archetypal energy that exists in all of life, not a gender) are associated with intuition, free flow, emotionality, creativity, inclusivity, receptivity, community, introspection, connectedness, vulnerability, care and concern. 
In compliment, masculine energies are associated with steadfastness, directionality, single-pointed focus, independence, self-sufficiency, strength, extrospection and preparedness. Both are necessary to achieve balance, however they will always vary in degree, as they should according to what serves the highest and best purpose of each individual. 
Men suffer greatly at the hands of our western society. They are taught that masculinity means the absence of femininity. They are taught that manhood is hard won and easily lost and they must fight to keep it. Men are often taught that their partners, families and social spheres will think less of them if they are not "masculine enough."
So they shove down their innate feminine, thereby denying an intrinsic and necessary part of themselves.
For the first time, toxic masculinity-the imbalance created when the feminine is forcibly repressed-is being collectively addressed. And thank goodness!, for wherever there is an imbalance between masculine and feminine energies, there is disarray. 
However, many men are feeling increased shame, confusion and guilt about, and fear of their own masculinity. 
While women are questioning their historical subjugation, more men than ever are beginning to question themselves, question their pasts and question their ability to trust themselves, their desires and their instincts. 
They are fearing their own masculinity, while still coping with the judgements that have been thrust upon them about their own femininity.
They are between a rock and a hard place. And because women are finally feeling free to express anger about the injustice we have suffered for centuries, men don't feel like they have many spaces to go to safely process and express. 
Women need to fill the gap. We have so much to teach and offer men. 
Men have been led by men for centuries. Now, it's time that we give them the opportunity to be led by women, especially in inner work.
It is so important for men to have access to feminine-led spaces that have nothing to do with sex or money or criticism.
The Men's Retreat we host at The Shift is just one of thousands of programs that need to be created by women, for men. To transformational female leaders everywhere: we are asking you to join us".

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Heal the Healers Retreat 
Rest, Restore and Re-Energize

Heal the Healers Retreat
Are you committed to including self-care as part of your professional development? Winter and spring are great seasons to rest and recharge, particularly for those of you who on a regular basis, invest much of yourself in serving others. Reward yourself, come over to Eastover, a holistic living and retreat haven where life slows down, tranquility sets in, and your personal self-care becomes your focus. Whatever it is that you need to reflect, restore, and heal, this is a package designed to meet your needs and budget.

Our retreat center offers you the opportunity to customize your time in response to your own needs. This retreat package includes daily yoga and sound healing classes, reiki healing, self-guided daily meditation and reflection, five night accommodation including meals. Reiki healing by appointment. Walking trails, abundant nature and a slower pace allow for reflection, restoration and rest.

Sound healing classes will be led by Jay Emmanuel, author of "The Healing Forces of Harmonic Sounds and Vibrations, the Power of the Mind and the Voice'. A singer with a powerful melodic range, Jay masterfully blends voice, colors, lights and sounds, and the use of Seven Alchemy Quartz Crystal Bowls and Himalayan Bowls calibrated to specific frequencies in the human body to achieve maximum sound healing. Reiki available by appointment with Maggie Law, founder of Art Oasis, Inc., in New York City.

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Transform in 2020
with a 90 Day Effortless Challenge

Personal Transformation Coaching
Lets get real - New Year's resolutions, even when we are dead serious when we make them, are no more resolute than a wish. Making a resolution has about as much chance of helping us attain the life we want as tossing a coin into a fountain. In fact, tossing a coin may have a better chance of success because it employs a few key tools of success: spending the quarter (investment), making a pilgrimage to the fountain (taking action), making the wish (creative visualization). But in the end, tossing a coin in the fountain is really just a wish because it lacks grounding in proven tools of change.
In case you are expecting a 'lets get real' speech that evangelizes discipline, hard work, and sacrifice as the most important agents of change, you will be happy to hear that reliance on these is actually more a deterrent to change because the most important agent of change is a feeling of effortless ease.
Can change really be effortless? Through using proven change tools including proper planning and a good support system, yes, it can be almost effortless.
Start your 2020 transformation with a 90 effortless challenge.
You have the power to change yourself and to change your world. It is time to own it.

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January 10-12 - Stoneville, NC
Wintry Mix: Art, Spirit, Nature, Rest and the Element FIRE

January 17-19 - Ojai, CA
Men's Only Healing Retreat

March 2-6 - Lewes, DE
Egg Tempera Workshop

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Retreat Property for Sale

Beautiful AZ BnB Property for Sale
- Bisbee, AZ

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Arrangements Coordinator
-Siena Retreat Center- Racine, WI

Seasonal Housekeeper
-Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center- Craryville, NY

A "Wintry Mix" for Women!
Art, Spirit, Nature, Rest & FIRE

Art Retreat
Start your new year with unique art projects, writing prompts, new connections, relaxation and lots of fun. The four seasonal, "Mix" retreats in 2020, will explore the four universal elements - Fire, Air, Water, and Earth - through art. Beginning with FIRE, we will ignite our creativity, curiosity, and joy as our spirits are lifted and our minds quickened - sparkinging a fire to burn throughout 2020. 

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Peaceful Hill Country Venue
With All the Amenities You Need

Texas Hill Country Retreat Venue
When you consider going on a yoga retreat, of utmost importance is the location. The location should provide one with a feeling of contentment and should remove the stresses of daily life. No one can fully relax when there are responsibilities looming nearby. This is why you should consider escaping to Heart of Texas Ranch for a yoga retreat like none other.

Visit Heart of Texas Ranch and Retreat

End Of The Road
Just The Beginning!

Retreat Cabins North Carolina
Stay away from the fray, but close to the Foothills action.  All skill levels of hiking nearby, rock climbing, small town touristing, and fabulous wine tasting.  Gather at the gazebo to roast S'Mores, or engage in a board game in the yurt.  Spend the day with your besties, and retreat to your own tiny home at dusk.  

Sevenoaks Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Madison, VA
Pathwork is a practical process of self-knowing and self-responsibility that helps us to find our way to our core divinity - a place of greater joy, peace, pleasure and wisdom. Learn how you can get started today. Sevenoaks is also a serene and beautiful sanctuary for retreats for up to 100 where mindfulness and healing can occur.

More Details

Trinity House & Shrine of St Joseph
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Stirling, NJ
Nestled in historic Morris County, New Jersey with 40 acres overlooking the surrounding Watchung Hills, offers sacred spaces and individuals and ministries to grow in faith. Space for small groups and up to 250.

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SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats
Personal Retreats 

Sedona, AZ
Programs include both private one-on-one intensives that are offered year round, as well as affordable small group retreats offered on predetermined dates. Our approach is both holistic and non-sectarian.

More Details

Sewall House Yoga Retreat
Personal Retreats

Island Falls, ME
Ongoing Yoga Retreats May through October Seven Days a Week *Arrive and Depart any Day of the Week. We offer ongoing Yoga Retreats for 2-8 guests at a time, assuring a quality & personalized service.

More Details

A Personal Tao
Personal Retreats 

Hilo, HI
Join us for a personal, couples or small group retreat in Hawaii. Retreat specialties include: Midlife Transformation, Relationship Coaching, Meditation, Taoist Practices & History, Qi Gong sessions, Energy Work, Inner Vision Training, and more.

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PachaMama Retreat & Eco Village
Personal Retreats 

Costa Rica: Nosara
The Ecological/Spiritual community, PachaMama, is a platform for a profound voyage into healing, self-acceptance and expansion of consciousness. PachaMama is also an intentional and alternative off-grid village where people live their normal lives in the setting of nature.

More Details

Center for Rent

Sausalito, CA
In the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, surrounded by acres of beach front park land we offer 8 meeting rooms of various sizes for groups from 20 to 200.
Port Angeles, WA
In Olympic National Park on the shores of Lake Crescent, NatureBridge offers meeting space for groups from 12 to 150.

More Details

Good Commons Retreat Home
Center for Rent

Plymouth, VT
Good Commons specializes in customizing getaways for groups. This large historic solar powered home sleeps up to 19. Our private chefs provide high quality nutritious meals with local produce, when available.

More Details

Bailey Farms: A Retreat
Center for Rent

Ossining, NY
Set on 20 secluded acres in Westchester County, is 45 minutes north of New York City. It's an idyllic site to work, learn, relax & regenerate; with day and night accommodations for up to 35.

More Details

The McIver Center at The Retreat
Center for Rent

Wayzata, MN
We believe the development of the human spirit is critical to a successful and fulfilling life. Our facility provides an environment that supports this development for groups up to 24. 

More Details

EarthRise Retreat Center at IONS
Center for Rent

Petaluma, CA
Located just an hour north of San Francisco International Airport, on 194 acres of beautiful rolling hills with panoramic vistas. Features include a permaculture kitchen garden, a labyrinth, a meditation hut, and multiple sitting areas for quiet contemplation. Accommodations for up to 120 people.

More Details

Pali Mountain Retreat
Center for Rent

Running Springs, CA
Location for unforgettable group retreats.
Nestled in the tranquil mountains above Lake Arrowhead, our secluded 74-acre resort is surrounded by 2,000 acres of untouched beauty with a friendly staff to assist you both prior to your visit and throughout your stay on the mountain, including an onsite guest host.

More Details

La Duna Centro Ecologico
Center for Rent

Mexico: La Paz, BCS
Unique retreat destination on the beach, overlooking the Sea of Cort�s and the magnificent Sierra Giganta mountains that tower surrounded by forests of cacti. Intimate, peaceful, supported, down to earth venue for groups of 10 -16.

More Details
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