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February 2020
What's Your Top Health Killer?
Fasting to Realign Your Health

What's your #1 silent health killer?
Do you know what your "#1 silent health killer" is? Or what type of wellness treatments and programs are right for you?
At the Sedona Wellness Retreat we find that many of the concerns and health challenges that people have can improve and go away.  One of the many retreat programs that we offer is fasting.
There are numerous reasons why people are choosing to fast for health.  For many, taking the decision to fast comes from the feeling of needing a reboot of the system, or a cleanse, or the need to shift a few pounds. Associated symptoms may be Constipation, Diarrhea and bloating. There may be un-identified food allergies causing digestive issues. Some claim their skin has flare-ups of acne and inflammation, or that they constantly suffer fatigue and brain fog. Others are stressed, depressed or lacking in sleep, so they turn to fasting to realign their mental state.
There are a lot of common cleansing mistakes and pitfalls.  So it is not recommended to go through an extended fast on your own at home.  Plus doing this at home there are a lot of challenges such as interruptions, not relaxing, easy access to foods, family to deal with as well as no supervision.  The loss of will power is hard to stay strong and people generally stop their fast early and don't get a good reset that they are looking for. 
Whichever the reason, fasting has numerous benefits, such as disease prevention, better focus, prolonging life, anti-aging. Fasting also lowers blood sugar, improves the appearance of your skin and better control of your blood sugar. High blood pressure- fasting can reverse heart disease and lower your blood pressure.
Fasting allows time for your cells to regenerate- not only using your fat for fuel but also targeting older tissue to use when in survival mode. In our modern lifestyles, too many have diets high in refined sugar, carbs, alcohol, meat, dairy, and fried foods which have inflammatory properties. Eliminating these during a fast, can allow the body to respond to, and combat free-radicals and toxins.
The longer you're able to fast, the greater the opportunity your body has to reset, heal and cleanse itself. So if you are planning a longer fast, do so under professional supervision.
Speak to our wellness team who will be able to help you to find the program that is perfect for you.

Spiritual Retreat in Italy
June 14-21, 2020 in Lucca (Tuscany)

Spiritual Retreat Italy
Facilitated by Western Spirit Enrichment Center of Sedona, AZ.  

Includes seven nights lodging in an historic 16th century villa near Lucca (Tuscany).

Lucca is an ancient medieval city on the Serchio River, known for its well-preserved Renaissance-era walls encircling the historic city center, its cobblestone streets, and the broad, tree-lined promenade along the top of the massive 16th-century ramparts. 

The trip also includes eight empowering & life-changing retreat workshops, daily meditations, five evening dinners at local, family-owned restaurants featuring outstanding typical Lucchese cuisine, and local tours of the walled city of Lucca and the Mediterranean seaside town of Viareggio, hiking on the ancient Via Francigena trail, a visit to Villa Reale (once the home of Napoleon's sister, the Duchess of Lucca Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi) and its renowned gardens, waterfalls and botanical rarities,  optional tours to Florence, Pisa, Siena or wineries.

Marian and Garrett of Western Spirit Enrichment Center have been offering retreats to thousands of individuals and couples in Sedona, AZ since 2001. They have visited Italy numerous times and live part-time in a small village near Lucca, making them quite familiar with the area, local attractions and enticing restaurants.  Marian's Italian language skills will enable our retreat guests to communicate with the friendly locals. 

Cost: $2,495 per person or $4,295 per couple (private room).

Radical Knowing
The Power of Silent Retreats

Radical Knowing Silent Retreat
Whatever your relationship to mindfulness - whether you're completely new to it or have developed a practice that helps you stay sane in this crazy world - there's a particular way of deepening mindfulness that seems radical in our frenzied times, but is invaluable.

It calls for setting aside cell phones, laptops and TVs, and spending some days in quiet contemplation. In a beautiful natural setting, with a group of likeminded persons, it invites you to rest in awareness. It's called silent retreat.

This might sound odd if you've never attended one, but a silent retreat may be the most valuable gift you can give yourself and the world. The quiet, the non-doing, and the guided meditations open space for deeply looking into your own heart, for deeply looking into life. From this comes kindness and wisdom. What could be more important?

Transform Your Life in Peru
The Passion Test and Yoga Retreat 

Passion Test Retreat Peru
Transforming your life begins with clarifying your vision. 

Peru's Sacred Valley 
April 11-19, 2020

In this week-long, deep dive into living your most passionate life, we lead you through The Passion Test, by Janet Bray Attwood. 

We'll use daily yoga practice, writing exercises and meditation to help clarify your desires. Your week includes nourishing vegetarian meals, outdoor excursions to some of Peru's most sacred sites, and intimate fireside gatherings by night. 

Held in Peru's Sacred Valley, you'll leave feeling nourished, empowered and healthy, and with a clear 2020 vision aligning your life with your passions. 

Led by writer and Passion Test facilitator Z´┐Żlie Pollon and certified yoga and integrative health trainer Sunday Law. 

All lodging in rustic quarters in one of the most exquisite settings on earth. Machu Picchuexcursion additional.

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Seven Day Retreat with Wayne Coger and Susan Schepp

February 23- Marcy 6 - Springwater, NY
Quiet Weeks

March 14 - Mundelein, IL
Spiritual Spring Training for Men

March 7-14 - Springwater, NY
7-Day Retreat with Les Schaffer

April 11-19 - Peru: Cusco
Passion Test Peru

April 18-26 - India
Soul Empowerment Yatra

April 16-20 - New Zealand: Christchurch
Exploring Life Between Lives Detox and Fasting Retreat

May 9-16 - Claverack, NY
Space for Steadying the Heart: A 7-Day Silent Mindfulness Retreat

June 1-5 - Durango, CO
Passage to Freedom Program and Retreat

June 23-28 - Canada: Wellington, PE
Transform and Restore Women's Meditation and Spiritual PEI Retreat

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Personal Retreats Accommodation

4Winds Farm
- Glenwood Springs, CO

Tribler Cottage
- Monhegan, ME

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

Bell Valley Retreat
- Boonville, CA

Cambre House and Farm
- Nauvoo, IL

Hokyoji Zen Practice Community
- Eitzen, MN

Retreat Property for Sale

Camp Mimanagish
- McLeod, MT

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Assistant Executive Director
-Villa Maria Education and Spirituality Center- Villa Maria, PA

-Franciscan Retreats and Spirituality Center- Prior Lake, MN

Site Manager
-Bend of Ivy Lodge- Marshall, NC


World Qigong Taichi Day
Workshops and Weekend Retreat

World Qigong Taichi Day
World Qigong Taichi Day at Eastover is a day of FREE presentations, demonstrations and mini-classes offered by nationally recognized leaders of Taichi, Qigong, Chinese Medicine and Eastern philosophy. Featuring Dr. Kevin Chen, associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and president of the World Institute for Self-Healing, Inc. Weekend lodging available. 

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Full Moon Reflection 
Subtle Self-Illumination, Bali Retreat

Subtle Self-Illumination_ Bali Retreat
This 7 Day Retreat is a gift to Body, Mind and Heart. The Balinese immersion in the sacred and Eco-Luxury of Floating Leaf provide the cradle for this deeply illuminating experience. Full Moon provides for release and reflection, 5 Body Integration the guidance: Moon Salutations, Meditation, BreathWork, Storytelling, Journaling, Water Temples, Dance, Ceremony -- and more come together to Illuminate YOU by Reflecting your heart.

Into Beauty and Silence I Go
Let Your Mind Finally Unwind

New Camaldoli Hermitage
Big Sur, CA
Come pray with the monks. Or hike in the world-renowned beauty of Big Sur. Or just be. All in silence. With your room you will receive all meals, quiet and solitude, and perhaps a chance to hear the voice of God as you hush your noisy mind and let go into the stillness. Peace be with you.

Visit New Camaldoli Hermitage

Tune Inward to Transform
Sync up with your Best Self

Spiritual Life Coaching Find Your Purpose
Are you curious about who you are, what it all means, and how to live your best life in a difficult and ever changing world?

Do you wish to live more awake but are having trouble simply balancing all the demands of life?

Coaching can help you -- be truly present to what matters to you -- take charge of your inner dialog, stay grounded and healthy -- feel truly at home in your Self -- realize your unique way to bring good into the world and thrive while doing it -- be truly free: free from habits, fear, anger.

Visit Dakini Coaching

Maui Healing Retreat
Personal Retreats

Makawao, HI
An all inclusive Retreat concierge on Maui Hawaii to focus on healing your Mind, Body and Spirit. We offer single, day and week Retreats to fit every budget and intention.

More Details

Sharanam Retreats & Counseling
Personal Retreats 

Spain: Santanyi, Mallorca
Sharanam retreats are located next to the sea at a beautiful old fishing port on the island of Mallorca, Spain.
Retreats include life-coaching by a trained psychologist and daily yoga and meditation sessions. 

More Details

Spirit in the Desert
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Carefree, AZ
We can help provide personal retreaters with a Spiritual Director, Masseuse, plus maps and direction to events in and around the campus, including hiking, biking, music, sports, cultural, museums, etc. We aim to provide you with what is necessary to make your time with us one of renewal, healing, transformation and reconciliation. Also groups up to 100. 

More Details

Trout Lake Abbey
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Trout Lake, WA
A spiritual retreat venue and B&B that is open to all faiths. We encourage guests to do their own spiritual practice. For personal or group retreat we have many options from meditation huts to full lodging. We can support groups up to 70.

More Details

West Virginia Institute for Spirituality
Personal Retreats 

Charleston, WV
The West Virginia Institute for Spirituality is dedicated to providing space and opportunities for deepening mindfulness, prayer practice, interior peace, and for integrating moral and ethical values. 
We warmly extend to you an invitation to join us in a safe, nurturing atmosphere of quiet where you can come and be companioned on your spiritual journey with dedicated Spiritual Directors.

More Details

Franciscan Renewal Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Scottsdale, AZ
A spiritual oasis for renewal, rest, and prayer. We provide space for meetings, overnight stays, private and directed retreats, adult education programs, conference rooms for nonprofit groups, and licensed behavioral health counseling.

More Details

Benedict Inn & Conference
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Beech Grove, IN
Whether you are looking for
a quiet space for a group retreat, hosting a meeting, conference or workshop, or looking for quiet space for a personal retreat/time there is room at the Benedict Inn. A multi-service facility located on 50 acres of lush grounds complete with walking paths, benches and peaceful areas for prayer.

More Details

Yoga & Juice Cleansing & Detox
Personal Retreats 

Carefree, AZ
Visit the beautiful and soul changing sunny Arizona. Rejuvenate with a Yoga & Juice Fast retreat which is perfect for someone who wants to lose weight, get over an addiction to caffeine, sugar, wine or other poor energy foods, or just remove toxins from a period of unhealthy living. 

More Details

Marywood Franciscan Spirituality
Personal Retreats 

Arbor Vitae, WI
Private Directed Retreats can be scheduled at your convenience throughout the year, and for the duration of your choosing, subject to availability of cabins and director. Space available November thru April each year at discounted rates for sabbaticals (2 weeks to 6 months) and 30-day Retreats.

More Details

Abode of the Message
Center for Rent

New Lebanon, NY
Located East of Albany NY in historic Shaker buildings on over 300 acres of natural beauty, the Abode is a spiritual center and retreat facility as well as a residential spiritual community. We can support your group retreat for up to 110.

More Details

Peaceful Meadow Retreat
Center for Rent

Boulder, CO
Located on the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado, Peaceful Meadow Retreat is nestled in an area filled with natural beauty. This enchanting location was the home of Reverend Hanna Kroeger, herbalist and healer, known throughout the world as the "Grandmother of Health." Our land consists of 14 green acres including, a pond, medicine wheel, labyrinth, apple and plum trees, plus several herb and flower beds.

More Details

Friendly Crossways Retreat Center
Center for Rent

Harvard, MA
Only 30 miles west of Boston with acentury-old barn and carriage house has been renovated to accommodate up to 70 people. Groups can make communal cooking and clean-up part of their conference activities, or we can provide healthy, family-style meals with organic fruit, vegetables and honey from our own orchard, gardens and bees.

More Details

Garrison Institute
Center for Rent

Garrison, NY
Overlooking the Hudson River in the midst of the dramatic Hudson Highlands, our facility is one hour north of NYC. As a nonsectarian retreat facility with a light filled Meditation Hall, smaller session rooms, a large auditorium, our monastic wood beamed dining room, jacuzzis and comfortable lounges.

More Details

United Camps, Conferences
Center for Rent

in CA, OH, MA, PA, IA
Choose from a variety of camp and conference centers for your next gathering. Facilities range from 80-325 people with most in quiet wooded areas perfect for retreats. 

More Details

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