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While retreat centers are closed in support of the nation's travel restrictions, they will be opening again. So now it a great time to look around and find your dream retreat. And there are many group retreat events in the late summer and fall that are still looking for participants. In the mean time, we hope you are staying healthy!
Learn to Live Your Yoga
Join our July Immersion

Living Yoga Program
With 20 years of experience training, mentoring, and certifying yoga teachers, the Living Yoga Program's warm and welcoming approach helps you feel confident discovering and teaching in your own style. Our graduates teach in 45 states and 15 countries. 
Our style of yoga is eclectic and non-denominational; we sincerely wish to help each of our students find their yoga. We mentor every student personally. We believe that every body is different. We will show you how to adapt the practice so that each individual who comes into your class will feel that he/she/they can participate. You'll learn how to guide students to honor their highest guidance: their own inner wisdom. 
The 100-hour July 17-26, 2020 training is a transformational immersion experience in the Texas Hill Country. Stay with us for nine days to truly dive deep into your own yoga practice. Enjoy daily yoga, breathing practices, meditation workshops, and more, along with flavorful, nourishing, vegetarian and gluten free meals prepared onsite by local chefs. The essence of yoga is union with self, knowing oneself more deeply, and ultimately feeling connected with All-That-Is. This training will give you the opportunity to experience just that.
Certified teachers and past LYP Graduates are welcome to take any portion of the training. You'll receive compassionate and safe feedback, gain a different perspective on the teachings, and dive deep into personal practice. Many participants attend the program solely to deepen their practice without any intention of teaching. We honor this and the program is amazing for this.
The total cost ranges from $2,835 - $3,420 USD and includes: tuition for 9 days / 100 hours of classes; all meals, snacks and beverages (tea, coffee); a workbook with all workshops included; and mentoring from LYP faculty during the 9-day immersion and beyond. Additional training modules will be offered October 14-21, 2020.
The Living Yoga Program immersion is held at a beautiful and peace-filled ashram (spiritual community) in southwest Austin - in the Texas Hill Country -  so participants can truly decompress and detach from worldly responsibilities. The ashram sits on 250 acres of beautiful land with lush flower and herb gardens, free-range peacocks, and inspirational sacred sites reminiscent of India. Accommodations are available on site for an additional fee.

Prescription Nature Wellness
Food - Forest - Animals - Health

Wellness Retreat
Interested in learning easy, delectable ways to put more plant-food on your plate?
Looking for simple, practical approaches to jump start happier, healthier living?
Ever feel that nature holds answers to much of our modern dis-ease?
Come together with others who want to break some life-long habits and make a few small changes that can have a profound and lasting life-impact.
What a delicious time we have planned. Please, join us:
* Learn about, explore, and try on plant-forward eating. With workshop learning and hands-on classes, topics include: seasoning and preparing yummy plant-based meals, substituting ingredients, fresh, seasonal food shopping and eating out healthily. We will make and savor some of our own meals so that you can see how to incorporate the process in your own kitchen!
* With the forest as our guide, we will sink into the support of the natural world to reduce stress, boost your mood, and access your innate creativity and wisdom. The forest mirrors areas of growth, decay, resourcefulness and boundless resilience within us, allowing us to notice and embrace next steps in the fullness of our lives.
* Connect with the horses & cows in our horse & farm sanctuary. You will find that horses and cows are sentient, deeply sensitive beings that can help us connect, relax, let go of trauma and grief, make us smile, feel grounded and at peace.
* With plenty of time for personal exploration, reflection, being in community with others ~ even time for a massage, we will feed our minds, bodies and souls.

Is Your Mind 'Virus Free'?
Finding Equanimity During Crisis

Dakini Life Coaching
This is going to be a very challenging time for many people, especially those who have not been doing their personal development work. The pandemic is causing us to experience our lives very differently. Eric Maisel, therapist and creativity coach, calls it "being forced by the natural world to take a violent breather from our everyday life". The primary question right now is not just when was the last time you washed your hands, but where is your mind right now?

Very little in our lives is as it was just a few weeks ago. But the disruptions we are experiencing are not just where and how we work, shop, travel and attend school or vote. We are also experiencing disruptions in our minds, disruptions in our sense of self and what is possible in our lives, and disruptions in our beliefs. Our values are being tested by once simple decisions such as what and how much to buy and with whom and how we interact.

Just as we can use mindfulness to keep our bodies safe by stopping ourselves from touching our face, we can use mindfulness to keep our minds virus free. Where is your mind right now? What are you feeling? Are there any actions you are taking that are strictly out of fear?

Are your thoughts and actions in alignment with your values? By that I mean that if you value fairness and equality do you really need to buy that last bottle of salad dressing on the shelf when you already have two in the pantry at home?

This is a time to be extra mindful of where your mind goes. Because life is so very different right now you will most likely find that your mind is also ending up in some very strange places.

Meditation teaches us to be familiar with our minds and emotions and if we are lucky to then gain some control of how we experience our lives. If you have not yet started a meditation practice, or have not been practicing regularly, this is the time to start. If you do not yet use breathing exercises to moderate your emotions, this is the time to learn. There are so many personal development tools and programs available in books and online. And of course coaching is astounding at supporting people through life's challenges and transitions.

Please don't miss this opportunity to start, return or to dive deeply into your personal development or spiritual practice.

Upcoming Retreats

  Retreat Events

July 31- August 5 - Big Island, HI
Jungle Reiki Retreat in Hawaii with Good Vibes

September 24-29 - Jordan: Petra
Awaken To Your Inner Glow

Chan Meditation Training 
A Retreat with Dr TCM Tan Tilao

Chan Meditation Training
Breath Meditation offers us the opportunity to soothe worries, transform our body, and heal the unhealthy body into a flourishing state.  Join Dr. TCM Tan Tilao for a healing and educational retreat. Tan has over two decades of experience in practicing White Skeleton Meditation and will share his insights into the healing potential of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

Visit  Eastover Retreat

What's Next For You? 
Transformation During Difficult Times

Dakini Life Coaching
This is a chrysalis time, all that we know is turning to goo. But it is also a rebirthing. Yes, the process is destructive and at times painful. But when a baby is finally born, our first instinct is to love. Can you hold the love for that which you are becoming, for that which we are becoming?

Visit Dakini Life Coaching

Transfiguration Monastery
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

South Windsor, NY
We are a small, contemplative, Roman Catholic Benedictine monastery. We have a guest house with 1 double room, 5 single rooms and two shared bathrooms upstairs and one downstairs and a shared kitchen and living rooms. We also have a one-room guest cabin. We welcome individuals and small groups up to 20 of all faiths and no faith for personal and group retreats. Guests are welcome to join us for prayers and daily mass. We have an on-site chaplain who is available to guests, as well as one sister who offers spiritual direction.

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Heartspring Sanctuary
Personal Retreats 

near Asheville, NC
Offering an intimate, affordable, sacred, and serene space for all beings. At Heartspring Sanctuary we invite you to come tuck yourself into the oldest mountains and receive the healing, nurturing, connection, inspiration, and serenity that you need. We offer a variety of special group retreats in addition to personal retreats.

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Eastover Estate and Retreat
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Lenox, MA
You can begin and end your day - or spend the entire day - on Eastover's spacious grounds, spending quiet moments in the Japanese and English gardens, enjoying delicious natural cuisine and socializing in our Cafe/Bistro. Choose from a variety of daily movement classes and weekly workshops, ink brush calligraphy practice, outdoor activities and spa services, or make use of our amenities: indoor pool, sauna, hot tub... Your time can be as structured or as unstructured as you desire. Also space for groups up to 1000.

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Ann's Sanctuary of the Rose
Personal Retreats 

Cascade (near Colorado Springs), CO
Retreat for Couples & Singles. The Sanctuary of the Rose is the perfect place to come to restore your soul, to heal your spirit and to refresh your body. Whether you are coping with difficult times, searching for answers to life's questions, writing your novel, re-connecting with your significant other or need a peaceful getaway from the world, the Sanctuary of the Rose is for you.

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Osage Forest of Peace
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Sand Springs, OK
The Osage Forest of Peace is a contemplative interspiritual retreat center. We offer silence, solitude, communal contemplative sits, a beautiful meditation chapel with 40 acres of forest, along with delicious meals. We sponsor individual retreats and host small group retreats for up to 30. A labyrinth, Zen garden, hiking trails, and meditation chamber are located on-site. Spiritual direction, reiki, and yoga are available.

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Center of Renewal
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Stella Niagara, NY
Enjoy our Interfaith Hospitality! Only 10 minutes from the breathtaking Niagara Falls. Tranquil, scenic site on 100+ acres with outdoor labyrinth, nature trail, riverside chapel, arts, music, relaxation. Optional spiritual direction, healing massage available with advance reservation. 93 beds in 70 rooms (warm, friendly setting), dining room, conference and meeting rooms, chapel.

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Claymont Society Retreats
Center for Rent

Charles Town, WV
We're located just 50 minutes from Dulles Airport, just outside of Washington, DC. Our country lanes, fresh water springs, and winding paths create a tranquil setting for study, relaxation and contemplation. We welcome many diverse groups of up to 200 people to our Mansion and Great Barn facilities. We hope your group will join us soon.

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Peaceful Mountain Retreat Center
Center for Rent

Maple Falls, WA
A unique sanctuary of rest and rejuvenation. Nestled in the lush evergreen foothills of spectacular Mt Baker in the North Cascades, our newly opened center is an ideal setting for opening, visioning and creating new direction. Full amenities, overnight accommodations for 20+, yoga/dance studio with hardwood floors, catering available or bring your own, sauna and lots more. Surrounded by fresh air, glorious views and enchanting spirit.

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Hope Springs Institute
Center for Rent

Peebles, OH
Hope Springs is a Retreat Center in southern Ohio's Appalachian foothills providing intentional space for mindful, creative and healthy private group retreats for up to 100. Hope Springs also sponsors profoundly transformational workshops on topics which include women's issues, empowered leadership, and personal growth.

More Details

Inn at Laurita Winery
Center for Rent

New Egypt, NJ
The Inn is the perfect spot to host your yoga, wellness or meditation retreats. We have many serene locations for quiet, introspective yoga and meditation practice. Your group will be our main focus, as you will occupy the entire Inn.
Our yoga barn is available for your yoga / meditation practice.

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